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In the past several months, I’ve taken some needed time to slow down & grow.

I’ve been examining my business, and myself as I saw several things that needed to change for the better. I’ve also had to process the passing of one of my heroes, my grandfather, who died in January. This time has been good, and at times intense, but I am grateful for the things God puts in our lives to wake us up, help us grow, and press us on into greater territory.

So, where am I now?

Personally, there is more peace in my home now than there has been in a long time. After battling severe post-partum depression for many months followed by several abrupt life changes, we have been blessed with peace. Before and after the shadow of death, there are green pastures and still waters. Always.

With my business, I’ve been learning a lot!

You see, I thought it was enough to be “creative” and bless others with my work. But I knew very little about running a successful business. So I’ve been studying business and learning so many things that are going to help me bless my clients and their families better than I ever have. Business repentance is a good thing, and it takes a ton of work. I’m thankful to be in that process, and I hope the learning never ends.

The BIG thing right now is, I’m in the process of a re-brand AND in the process of building a new website. The long hours will soon be worth it, and I’m excited to show you what we come up with. There will also be a lot more content coming out steadily here on the blog from here on out. I’m pumped!

I want to thank all of you for following along here. Be sure to also follow me on Instagram (Instagram: brianmoats)


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