Maddox Family-166

It’s such a fantastic thing that I get to do what I love for clients that I love. I have the opportunity to be invited into homes and document families as they grow together and love each other. What an honor!

The Maddox clan grew to a family of 5 in January with the arrival of little Thomas. Claire and Grady graciously invited me into their home to take portraits of Thomas in a realistic setting. These sessions are so wonderful, as this family will easily be able to attach real memories to these images for a lifetime. Enjoy!

Maddox Family-121 Maddox Family-86 Maddox Family-109 Maddox Family-1 Maddox Family-5 Maddox Family-21 Maddox Family-22 Maddox Family-23Maddox Family-30Maddox Family-33 Maddox Family-43 Maddox Family-57 Maddox Family-63 Maddox Family-70 Maddox Family-83 Maddox Family-91 Maddox Family-101 Maddox Family-111 Maddox Family-127 Untitled2-2 Untitled-2 Maddox Family-163 Maddox Family-165 Maddox Family-166 Maddox Family-168 Maddox Family-172 Maddox Family-176 Maddox Family-179 Maddox Family-181 Maddox Family-194 Maddox Family-207Maddox Family-198 Untitled3-2 Maddox Family-217 Maddox Family-230 Maddox Family-234 Maddox Family-235 Maddox Family-239 Maddox Family-243 Maddox Family-249 Maddox Family-256 Maddox Family-257

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