Harrison Family-41

Let me tell you this. . . I LOVE the Harrison family. Ryan is a lifelong friend and it’s been a joy watching this family grow (and
grow so quickly)! Sweet Millie made her appearance last Fall and she is such a precious little addition to this home. You can
see the story of her brothers coming to meet her in the hospital HERE.

This kind of session is one of my favorites. A slow paced time with the family that captures portraits, but also genuine
moments in the home. I hope you enjoy!
Harrison Family-9

Harrison Family-19

Harrison Family-21

Harrison Family-23

Harrison Family-27

Harrison Family-29

Harrison Family-33

Harrison Family-36


Harrison Family-41


Harrison Family-59

Harrison Family-74

Harrison Family-76

Harrison Family-80

Harrison Family-85

Harrison Family-88

Harrison Family-90

Harrison Family-94

Harrison Family-96

Harrison Family-97


Harrison Family-107




Harrison Family-116

Harrison Family-120

Harrison Family-122

Harrison Family-131

Harrison Family-136

Harrison Family-149

Harrison Family-152

Harrison Family-154

Harrison Family-156

Harrison Family-163

Harrison Family-166

Harrison Family-167

Harrison Family-174

Harrison Family-177

Harrison Family-180

Harrison Family-187

Harrison Family-191

Harrison Family-265

Harrison Family-268

Harrison Family-203

Harrison Family-204

Harrison Family-206

Harrison Family-207

Harrison Family-208

Harrison Family-213

Harrison Family-220

Harrison Family-223

Harrison Family-235


Harrison Family-263

Harrison Family-247

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  1. Toni Adair

    Brian, you do such a good job with my babies. I hope that in the spring we can have some made to include my Gracie.

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