Josh and Mary are such a delight and their love for each other is so evident. They are servants of others and of each other, and
I’m so excited to see what marriage has in store for them. IMG_3634 IMG_3614 IMG_3620 IMG_3625 IMG_3601 IMG_3640 IMG_3668 IMG_3675 IMG_3712 IMG_3835 IMG_3843 IMG_3853 IMG_3868 IMG_3894 IMG_3913 IMG_3922 IMG_3933 IMG_3978 IMG_4024 IMG_4045 joshdyptic1 IMG_4104 IMG_4112 IMG_4151 IMG_4162 joshdyp2 IMG_4198 IMG_4210 IMG_4365 IMG_4230 IMG_4274 IMG_4279 newpicIMG_4332 IMG_4338 IMG_4383 IMG_4409

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