Brian and Sarah’s beautiful wedding day could not have been better. Everything came together into a beautiful day to celebrate two people and their loving devotion to one another. And an added bonus, Sarah is a dear friend from high school so this ended up being a reunion for several guests, which was a blast!

Their wedding was held at the gorgeous Aldridge Gardens in Birmingham, AL. The ceremony was beautifully tucked into the forest by the water, and they were surrounded by beautiful light and loving family and friends the entire day. :)

My favorite aspect of this day was Sarah and Brian’s joy. Sarah was SO excited to marry Brian, and Brian had such a clear and sincere adoration of his bride. I’m honored to have been at this wedding to see all of this love and joy on display. I hope you enjoy the wedding day story below!

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Find the amazing vendors for this wedding below!
Aldridge Gardens
Norons Florist
David’s Bridal

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